Steel Structures

The Structural Steel Division manufactures many different products as per the customer requirements.

Steel Structures Works

Architectural Metal Works

Normal, aesthetic Metal and wrought iron works

◉ Sheet metal cladding in Mild steel, Corten steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, brass, Cast iron & ACP.
◉ Railings: Guard and Handrailing for stairs and stair-wells and roads.
◉ Grab rails for bathrooms and toilets.
◉ Handicap rails in hospitals, front shop malls and Public parks and buildings.
◉ Street Furniture for street & Gardens such as Fencing, Benches, Trash receptacles, Bollards, Tree grates, Pedestrian Guard rails, Planter boxes, Litter bins, Re-cycle bins, fire Hydrant rails, street flags, light poles and flags, shades, Children play area safety rails, Highway/street safety railing and bollards, sign lighting bollards, Revolving flag poles, Windsocks, roadside safety bollards and Road safety equipment.
◉ Desert Fencing System for Perimeter fences, Greenfields, animal husbandry and Horse farms.
◉ Gratings: Tree gratings, Surface water gratings, Slit drainage gratings in steel, stainless steel, Cast iron and Galvanized steel.
◉ Manhole Frames and Covers: Custom made in Steel, Stainless steel, cast iron and Galvanized steel.
◉ Cage ladders, Steel Barriers, and expansion Joints Steel bridge and abutments.

Architectural nonmetal works

Street, Garden, and Compound Furniture, Fencing system, Ceiling system

◉ All kind of furniture and Barriers.
◉ Fencing and partition for safety, privacy and noise barriers in GRP, GRC. Plastic, Polycarbonate, Acrylic and Artificial wood.
◉ Seating benches in the garden, street walkways, public places and residential buildings.
◉ Glazing for doors, gates, windows and partitions with glass, artificial wooden, Polycarbonate and Acrylic sheets.
◉ Gypsum work for ceiling & walls.


To produce high quality projects at the most competitive price and in the shortest possible time.


To provide team leadership and build healthy working relationship with the client, the engineer and the designer.


To serve our clients efficiently and effectively. We are very creatively in problem solving. And we are proactively helpful.


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