Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing works

We provide complete Electro Mechanical contracting service including Design, Installation, Project Management and Commissioning services to meet Client’s requirement.

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing works (MEP)

Providing engineering studies of any residential, commercial, or industrial HVAC systems. Alternative design options, installation of all HVAC systems requirements such as Ductwork, chilled water piping, and copper tubes according to ASHRAE standards and other related codes to ensure quality level at each stage of projects.

We provide design , installation and maintenance for the following HVAC systems:

◉ Air handling units (AHU)
◉ Fan-coil units (FCU)
◉ Variable refrigerant flow systems (VRF)
◉ Space cooling with air mist
◉ Different ventilation systems for buildings
◉ Cooling plants
◉ DX cooling (Package or split units)
◉ Water chillers
◉ Refrigeration
◉ Fire Fighting System

We provide effective fire protection systems for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. All engineering and application are being executed as per international standards which are needed for human safety, asset protection, and insurance purposes.

We provide services for following Fire Fighting systems:

◉ Sprinkler system
◉ Fire hose cabinets
◉ Fire valves and accessories
◉ Integration with fire alarm systems
◉ Fire hydrants
◉ Electrical and diesel driven fire pumping stations
◉ Related piping
◉ CO2 system
◉ Fire brigade connections
◉ Clean agents & FM200 fire extinguishing systems
◉ Water mist systems
◉ Plumbing (PL)

We provide plumbing systems in all residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects according to International Pluming Code.

We provide services for the following PL systems:

◉ Potable water supply (cold & hot) and sanitary fixture
◉ Installation of different pumping systems
◉ Drainage network inside and outside buildings
◉ Waste water
◉ Storm line water
◉ Special drainage with chemical wastes
◉ Irrigation system and control


To produce high quality projects at the most competitive price and in the shortest possible time.


To provide team leadership and build healthy working relationship with the client, the engineer and the designer.


To serve our clients efficiently and effectively. We are very creatively in problem solving. And we are proactively helpful.


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